About the Company

Greenspan Group creates space to live, work, play and relax. Our pre-manufactured, living, storage, and space solutions are the easiest and most rewarding way to enhance your everyday life.
We make it easy to bring your dream lifestyle to reality. Our spaces are fully flexible to meet your needs – whether you’re after a garden room, seaside villa, country cottage, or an urban studio.
With a host of styles for rural and urban storage, studios, cabins and dwellings, you can create your whole space in one place. We take the stress out of creating that extra space. Our complete, pre-manufactured system uniquely combines the highest quality of workmanship with speed, ease, and minimal cost. It’s so much more than just a kit, including cladding, insulation, windows, roofing other extras to suit your specification. Your space is literally built before you start.

MELWOOD is a registered brand and trademark of the Greenspan Group. The Melwood range of products provide a completely pre-manufactured and portable solution where there is a need for extra space in tight locations or in locations where site access is difficult or restricted.

The best feature of Melwood Cabanas, Cubby Houses and Garden Sheds is that they are designed around NSW and ACT exempt development development requirements which makes it easy for you to put them in without any council approval!

Specialising in servicing NSW

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