Case Studies

A Backyard Hobby Room, a Husband’s Gift to His Wife

  “It makes me relaxed. It makes me feel fulfilled. It gives me a purpose to get up and get going.” “It’s saved me during lockdown because I felt like I had something to do and somewhere to go.” For Teena, pursuing her hobbies has been vital. “It’s been a saviour. It’s helped me with… Click here to read on

Newton’s Backyard Office, Gym, and Movie Room

  It’s the ultimate escape in the backyard! “I’ve got a spin bike, a treadmill on one end, and I’ve got my office in the middle.” “It gives me peace and quiet away from the kids during work hours.” Step inside, and the garden room is home to some of Newton’s favourite things. “I have… Click here to read on

Inside Charlotte’s Studio, a Backyard Sanctuary

“It’s beautiful. I love it.” “The minute the structure was in, I was in there.” Charlotte could barely wait to use her newly installed garden room. “I remember the walls hadn’t been done yet, and I wanted to be in there.” “It just spoke to how amazing it was having that separate space.” As a… Click here to read on

Sonia’s Teen Retreat, a Family Lockdown Project

“It’s not just the monetary value. It’s the lifestyle value the cabana has added to our lives.” This multipurpose space is a teen retreat and home office. “I felt it would be a secret spot for the teenage kids, a perfect place to work.” Sonia had her garden room installed a few weeks before lockdown.… Click here to read on

Keith and Rowena’s Lakeside Cabana Project

  “It’s been the most pain-free building experience we’ve ever had, and we’ve done a lot of building and renovations in our lifetimes.” Part fishing shack. Part art studio. This lakeside garden room is nothing short of idyllic. “We didn’t know we had fish in our dam. Keith caught some fish, which was a surprise… Click here to read on

Belinda’s Lockdown Garden Room Project

  “It has definitely been a positive addition to our home.” “It was an affordable way to add extra space.” For Belinda and her family, the garden room has come at a perfect time. “Our Melwood has kept us busy during lockdown. We have been painting and doing all the fitting out ourselves.” “We plan… Click here to read on

Step Inside Joanne’s Stylish Backyard Writing Studio

“I’m absolutely thrilled with it.” “That walk across the garden is amazing, a psychological distance you cross as if you’re going to work.” To create her ideal work from home office, Joanne chose the Melwood Mod 19. “It came at a perfect time, and I’m in here every day.” Joanne says the outdoor room has… Click here to read on

Katrina’s Home Office and Teen Retreat Proves Valuable in Lockdown

  “It’s changed the whole way we live.” Last year, Katrina found a cost-effective way to give her family more space. “We were looking for a bit more space in our house, and extending outwards on our house was going to be too expensive.” “We found that a garden room would fill our needs, so… Click here to read on

Claire’s Backyard Office, a Peaceful Lockdown Retreat

  Once a pool cabana, now a home office. This garden room has evolved to meet a family’s changing needs. When lockdown set in, Claire’s husband Ralph turned the garden room into a backyard office.  “If we didn’t have that, and he had to be in our living space, that would be very hard for… Click here to read on

Tony’s Backyard Office, an Essential Lockdown Sanctuary

  As Tony works from home, there’s something familiar about his backyard office space. “I feel like I’m in my old one.” “It’s fantastic.” His previous Melwood is almost identical to the new home office space he is working from today. Having sold his home, Tony now has a new Melwood garden room on his… Click here to read on

Amanda’s Peaceful Backyard Office, a Lockdown Lifesaver

  This all-white garden room is a striking backyard feature. It’s also Amanda’s work from home studio. “It’s been very beneficial for us.” “It’s lovely to have a separate space for the clients I have.” That sentiment is even more resounding now as NSW endures an extended lockdown. “I love working from home. If I… Click here to read on

Jamies Melwood Macrame Workshop

Essential Work from Home Solution to Make Your Family Happy

  “I army crawled in there.” “He was always on Zoom meetings.” Dodging daily video calls was not a game Jamie enjoyed playing. “I’d have to duck and try and get past the camera view to get what I had to get.” “It’s not a way to live. I couldn’t get dressed in there. He… Click here to read on

prefab backyard office shed showcase in the yard

Essential Stay-at-Home Studios, a Solution to Lockdown Stress

  As we find ourselves in lockdown once again, many families are feeling the strain.   With the rise of spending more time at home, so comes the demand for more space.   For these Melwood customers, timing was everything. Their garden rooms have given them space to break away from the family unit while… Click here to read on

Two Siblings, Two Playrooms, a Grandma’s Huge Gift

  When Marie bought a Melwood cubby house for each of her granddaughters, it wasn’t just a gift but also a life lesson she was hoping to impart. Kristie, the mother of the two girls, recounts being at the Neutral Bay display centre with her mum. “She said one of them would be great, and… Click here to read on

This Beautiful Garden Room Uplifted a Family in Hard Times

“It’s been a tough six months, but we felt so blessed to have this addition. It couldn’t have come at a better time.” Last year, at the height of the pandemic, Annabel was also going through a health battle. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” “During all the chemo and radiation process, it was really… Click here to read on

How Jessica Added Space & Phenomenal Value to Her Property

  “We had a valuation more recently by a Real Estate Agent, and he said it added about $100,000.” Since having her Melwood installed, Jessica and her family now enjoy more space and a significant boost to their property value. “We definitely know we got our money back and more. From a resale point of… Click here to read on

Award-winning Artist Takes Us Inside Her Backyard Studio

  A portrait of Kate Ceberano has won the Archibald Packing Room Prize.   And it was here in this backyard art studio where the Australian music legend first laid eyes on it.   “She was very excited, and we were in the studio here on FaceTime talking to her mum about the painting.” “It… Click here to read on

Inside Julie’s Beautiful Cabana, a Heartfelt Tribute to Her Dad

  It’s a heart-warming story of two Melwood cabanas. One old. One new. And it’s where a daughter found inspiration to honour the memory of her late father. “Dad used to love to come down here, have a drink, and watch the kids in the water.” When Julie’s father, Jim, passed away in 2018, she… Click here to read on

Secrets to Make Your Backyard a Warm and Happy Place

  “Immense value of immense happiness.” That’s the worth Gitte places on her garden room. The South Sydney resident had her Melwood installed in 2017. Back then, the motive was simple; to dampen out the sound of her husband playing the guitar. “It’s just his hobby. It hasn’t always sounded as good as it does… Click here to read on

Boost Productivity with an Outdoor Studio

  With Covid restrictions still in place, our backyards have become sanctuaries and retreats. Making the most of your outdoor space is now one of the most valuable home improvement projects you could undertake. When Bob and Merinda needed a dedicated creative hub, they had a Melwood installed.     “We needed a space that… Click here to read on

A Multi-Purpose Space for a Growing Family

  As Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, the need for more room and multi-functional spaces is in higher demand than ever before. “This is only a 600 square metre block, so it’s a small block when you think that we have a front yard, the house, and the pool.” Long before the pandemic, France,… Click here to read on

A Work From Home Studio Built to Last

As working from home becomes the new norm, the trend is here to stay.  According to McCrindle Research, the future of work is likely to be hybrid, with 61 percent of Australians looking for a mix of working from home and in the office.  Melwood customers Heather and Patricia were well ahead of the curve.… Click here to read on

Lucy’s 2-in-1 Garden Room: Storage & Playroom

Lucy recently sent us this beautiful photo of her Melwood cabana – and doesn’t it look fantastic! “We built our Melwood cabana 5 years ago and we recently added an awning n lights. We are attaching a photo- it looks amazing!– Lucy and Christos”     Multi-purpose Space: The cabana is split into 2 –… Click here to read on

Case Study: Fred’s Outdoor Media Room

  Creating a multi-functional space is now one of the most valuable home improvements you can do, as we all find ourselves spending time at home. Fred & Deborah did exactly this when they created their Outdoor Media Room with a Mod No.12. We didn’t anticipate COVID-19 but having had the cabana and the technology… Click here to read on

Penny's Interior Design Studio

Penny’s Interior Decorating Studio (in the backyard!)

  With the ever-changing retail landscape in Australia, more and more business owners are moving away from rented premises and setting up at home & online. Penny recently made this move. After years of paying rent for a retail space, Penny decided to move her Interior Decorating business to a Melwood studio in her backyard,… Click here to read on

Jamies Melwood Macrame Workshop

Case Study: Jamie’s Backyard Workshop

Work from home, see your family more often and not have to travel. Sounds ideal right?  But for most of us who have suddenly found ourselves working from home, the reality is more like this:you’re working in the living room or on the dining table, and family are working just metres away. Trying to block… Click here to read on

Caz's Cottage - A multipurpose Home Gym & Sewing Room

This Multipurpose Garden Room is a Home Gym & Hobby Space

This multipurpose Garden Room is a Home Gym & Hobby Space. Meet “Caz’s Cottage” – a garden room that doubles as a home gym and a sewing space. Carolyn’s garden room gives her space to work out each day, as well as dedicated space to focus on her sewing projects.     Carolyn has chosen… Click here to read on

Andrew’s Metalworking Workshop

Imagine if you had space to focus on your hobby, without distractions. Space to perfect your work. To fine-tune details. Spread all your tools & materials out, and not have to pack them away.   The luxury of closing the door at the end of the day, knowing you can return to your workshop and… Click here to read on

from the archives: an art studio for the honoured Keith Looby

From the Archives: An Art Studio for renowned Australian Artist Keith Looby

Taking a look through the Archives at our Head Office recently, we came across a fascinating #melwoodartstudio from the early 90’s.  It was the art studio we created for Renowned Australian Artist Keith Looby! #honoured Keith, who won the Archibald Prize in 1984 for his portrait of Max Gillies, is famous for his multi-layered painting style,… Click here to read on

How Danielle transformed her backyard from barren to beautiful

Photos of Danielle’s newly-transformed backyard have us in awe!   With a busy work-from-home schedule, Danielle desperately needed more space.  By adding a Melwood cabana to her property, she has transformed a rocky, unuseable area of her backyard into a cozy, chic and useful space!   In Danielle’s own words,   “It’s also a great… Click here to read on

Jan & Andrew's Melwood Cabana serves two purposes: a studio for Jan, and a workshop for Andrew.

Jan & Andrew’s his & hers backyard studio

Jan & Andrew’s Melwood structure serves two purposes: a studio for Jan, and a workshop for Andrew. By requesting an internal wall in their order, they were able to divide the structure into the two main areas. Jan’s area has been lined, painted and decorated to create a cozy, comfortable studio space. Andrew has added shelving, storage cupboards, drawers, a pegboard and a sturdy workbench to his workshop.

Bertie’s Rural Art Retreat

Dutch artist Bertie paints beautiful portraiture in her Melwood Art Studio in rural NSW. Bertie says “I love the fact that there was an empty space in the morning and then there was the fully erected cabin in the afternoon. I just wished Patrick was as quick in lining it but he has done a beautiful job. It gives me inspiration.”

Helen’s Hampton’s Style Backyard Escape

With clever styling, and classic door & window choices, you can have a slice of the Hamptons right in your own backyard! Helen has turned her Melwood Garden Room into the ultimate backyard escape.     After the Garden Room was delivered and setup (in one day!) by the Melwood team, Helen then arranged gyprock, flooring… Click here to read on

Penny’s Sophisticated Storage Room

Have you ever wondered where to store your surfboard / pool equipment / hiking gear / sewing machine / hula hoops / anything else taking up valuable space…? I have the answer for you! In your backyard! Your goods will be safe, secure and protected from the elements, AND within reach when you need them!… Click here to read on

Scott & Berni’s Summer-Ready Pool Cabana

​Imagine a 50’s themed pool party, right in your backyard! Scott and Berni’s Pool Cabana has taken their outdoor area to a whole new level of fun! We love all the little details they have added to their Melwood Cabana to create this funky retro look. With plans to add a bar, fridges, seating, a… Click here to read on

Alison’s Backyard Retreat

Meet Alison’s stunning Backyard Retreat! Perfect for the whole family, this has something for everyone to enjoy! Ample seating and the large deck area makes for perfect summer evenings spent with family and friends, whilst the cabana area is the ideal quiet space to relax. By adding an internal wall on the left of her Cabana,… Click here to read on

Jenny’s Pottery Studio

Turning a Passion into a Profession and a Hobby Dream into Reality with a Melwood Pottery Cabana Jenny worked full time for over 40 years in an industry which she enjoyed, however, this was not her passion. Whilst working full-time, she would spend her free time on her true passion: pottery. Her existing backyard pottery… Click here to read on

David’s Art Studio

Step into the shoes of an artist and enter David’s world of colour. Situated neatly in the backyard, David uses his new Melwood ‘Art Studio’ Cabana as the perfect space for him to pursue his passion and profession! Whether you pursue art or another passion, as a hobby or profession, a specialised art space is the… Click here to read on

Claudia’s Outdoor Room

Claudia has created the perfect space for enjoying time with family and friends, completing homework, or just relaxing! We love the way Claudia has finished her outdoor room as well, and the custom decking and outdoor furniture she has added perfectly complement the space! In Claudia’s own words: “It was a great experience getting our garden house… Click here to read on

Mark’s Backyard Hobby Room

Let me ask you a question, just quickly… Do you have a hobby? What’s your passion? Is there something taking up a legitimately large portion of your time and thoughts?   Next – where do you pursue this? Have you ever wished for your own little space? Where you can escape from the world, and focus on… Click here to read on

The Portable Site Shed Office – a local business case study

Portable Site Shed or Office for your business? It’s all possible with Melwood’s wide range of portable space solutions! Aside from backyard cabanas, sheds and garden rooms, Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms can also supply additional, portable space for your business! Hear how happy our friends at Cremorne Automotive are with their New Portable Site Office! Cremorne Automotive Services… Click here to read on


Backyard Hobby Room

A Cubby House Made for Hobbyists Why should Cubby Houses be just for kids. Anyone with a creative spirit, a knack for DIYs and crafting, or simply a hobby that requires a bit of extra space can tell you they too have felt the desire for their own “grown-up play house” before. Thankfully, there’s a way you… Click here to read on