Why Melwood?

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My Studio & Shed Pre-purchase Check List

10 Year Warranty*Peace of mind

10 year structural warranty!


Protect your possessions

Proper tapered House cladding (not fence palings)


Reduced maintenance

KILN DRIED cladding to eliminate cracking


Protect your health

Melwood only uses pet safe and child safe Gold treated pine

Melwood has NEVER used claddings that contain Arsenic (poison) treatment.

Melwood offers the option of Cedar – That is CHEMICAL FREE, Western Red Cedar which does not require any treatment to protect against insect or fungal attack


Protect your loved ones

Melwood understands the need for a protective and safe roof over you and your belongings, so Melwood uses SUPER STRONG HEAVY DUTY roof frames in all Studios.


Protection from the environment

Melwood’s Studio and Shed designs are fully ENGINEERED for longevity and your safety.


Suitable for its purpose

Melwood’s professional engineered floor design with pressure rated heavy duty footing plates ensures it will safely accommodate your stored belongings


Melwood Factory Direct

Gives you the best quality, greater value and savings too!


Australian Made in our own factory here  in Sydney

Melwood does not use ’sweat-shops’ or the exploitation of disadvantaged persons away from society


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