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A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Your Property Value

A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Your Property Value

In the wake of the pandemic, many of us are spending more time at home, sparking a renovations boom.
According to Suncorp lending data, Victorians were the biggest spenders, with the highest average renovation costing $71,067, followed by Tasmania at $67,416 and New South Wales spending an average of $66,609.
A Melwood Garden Room offers a cost-effective way to increase your property value.

You can add an extra 20 square metres of space to your backyard for a third of the cost of a renovation.

Mod Cabana No.12 Outdoor Media Room Fred

Fred’s Outdoor Media Room is the Melwood Mod Cabana No.12, which measures 3.6m x 3.2m.

When Covid-19 hit, Northern Beaches couple Fred and Deborah were well equipped to handle the upheaval.
“We didn’t anticipate COVID-19, but having had the cabana and the technology all installed about 12 months prior to the pandemic left us well prepared for the challenges posed by having more people working and studying from home than usual during the lockdown.”
They opted for a Mod No.12, measuring 3.6m long and 3.2m wide, providing plenty of space for an outdoor media room.
Fred's melwood outdoor media room

Fred says his Melwood media room has been a blessing with more family studying + working from home since the pandemic.

Even in non-pandemic times, as the pressures of life pile on, many families need room to grow.
Melwood customer Matt found a practical and cost-effective solution to his crowded house.
He decided on the Verandah No.19, measuring a generous 7.2m long and 2.6m wide.
“This is the best decision we’ve made in ten years, and it now means we’re no longer looking to move house,” Matt explained.
Verandah Cabana No.19 family extra space

Matt opted for a Melwood Verandah No.19, measuring 7.2m x 2.6m creating more space for his family

By adding a Melwood Cabana to the backyard, Matt has created more space for his family to enjoy.
“There are six of us, two adults and four kids between 10-19 years plus a beloved canine. The cabana has changed our way of life so much and for less than the cost of a new car. It’s also added value to our home.”
Melwood Verandah No.19 Home Office Family Friendly

Matt and his whole family enjoy the extra room in the backyard. The Garden Room measures 7.2m x 2.6m

Property Consultant Edwin Almeida says he is witnessing a demand for homes with extra space.
“In our search for property for clients, both owner occupiers and investors, we see more buyer competition for homes with that extra space. A large portion of homes that take advantage in creating ‘living & get-away space’ are snapped up quickly. This trend is both evident with properties for sale as well as for rental.”

Thinking about a cabana for your property?

Putting in a Melwood cabana is fast and easy.
We realise you might have a few questions about how to get the right Cabana for your property.
If you’d love to see our Cabanas in person, we have 3 locations in Sydney which you can visit. Click here to schedule your appointment.

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