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Award-winning Artist Takes Us Inside Her Backyard Studio

Award-winning Artist Takes Us Inside Her Backyard Studio


A portrait of Kate Ceberano has won the Archibald Packing Room Prize.


And it was here in this backyard art studio where the Australian music legend first laid eyes on it.


“She was very excited, and we were in the studio here on FaceTime talking to her mum about the painting.”

“It was lovely having her in here.”

Kathrin Longhurst's Award winning portrait of Kate Ceberano

2021 Packing Room Prize-winning portrait of Kate Ceberano. Picture courtesy of Art Gallery NSW


Sydney based-artist Kathrin says her Melwood garden room enhances her creativity.


“I love that it’s green around me. It’s almost like sitting in a little cabin in nature.”


Natural light was the most crucial factor when deciding on a design.


She chose the Mod 21 in board and batten cladding with a double door and two double-hung windows.


Sunset view featuring the art studio shed

Kathrin chose the Mod 21 in board and batten with a double door, allowing for plenty of natural light


“It was brilliant having that delivered and built in a day. So quick and easy.”

“You have been amazing, great communication, great service. I would say under-promised and over-delivered.”


Once installed to lock-up stage, it was a blank canvas, ready for the artist to add her finishing touches.

Outdoor view of Katherins Art Studio

The Melwood Mod 21 measures 5.4m x 3.7m, exterior painting arranged by Kathrin


She chose white walls and added downlights and directional lights.


“I’m lucky my husband was super handy, and we were able to do a lot of the interiors ourselves to exactly how we wanted it.”


All Melwood garden rooms come with the benefit of insulation to the roof and walls.


And the customisable design allowed Kathrin to make it even more cosy.


“We put floating floors in for insulation underneath, so it’s nice and toasty.”


Panorama Of Kathrins Art Studio

Warmth and Light: Kathrin has created the perfect backyard art studio


The studio has given Kathrin flexibility with her work, painting whenever creativity strikes.


“In the winter, you would have to cut it off after certain hours of the day. When your fingers get cold, it’s hard to paint.”


“At night, when the temperature drops, I close the doors, and it’s warm in two seconds.”

“I can come out here anytime, and I’m still connected with the rest of the family.”


Interior of Kates Shed Art studio

Kathrin added downlights and directional lights as well as shelves to store her artwork


The backyard art room has also become a multi-purpose area.


“When we had people over for the weekend, we decided to move the dining table into the studio.”

“You sit in there; it’s nice and warm. We had some candles burning, and you’re surrounded by the artwork.”

Garden Shed with Deck

Multi-purpose space, a new way to host a dinner party surrounded by art


By adding the garden room, Kathrin has made her outdoor space enjoyable beyond summer.


“We stepped outside and lit the firepit, and everyone was having dessert. It was lovely.”


And now, a backyard makeover is on the horizon.


“We have a grand vision for turning this into a bit of a jungle garden.”

Katherin's Dog Roxy in her studio

Roxy the dog feels right at home in the backyard art studio


As for Kathrin’s dog, Roxy, well, she loves it, too.


“I love it when the cockatoos keep landing on the roof. The dog goes crazy, and I need to let her out to chase the cockatoos. It’s like a zoo. I love working from the zoo!”


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