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Tony’s Backyard Office, an Essential Lockdown Sanctuary

Tony’s Backyard Office, an Essential Lockdown Sanctuary


As Tony works from home, there’s something familiar about his backyard office space.

“I feel like I’m in my old one.”

“It’s fantastic.”

His previous Melwood is almost identical to the new home office space he is working from today.

The Melwood at Tony’s previous property

Having sold his home, Tony now has a new Melwood garden room on his new property.

“I urgently wanted to get it done to get back to some normality.”

The new Melwood, Porch Design 12. Steps added by Tony

For Tony, getting back to normal is having his own space, away from all distractions.

“It is physically separated, but it’s more of a mental separation.”

 The backyard space with work from home office fit-out completed by Tony

Once again, Tony opted for a Porch Design 12.

“I like this particular design. It fits in well with the architecture around me with the pitched roof.”

As a self-employed Town Planner, Tony speaks about the financial benefit of creating his own office in the backyard.

“I used to rent an office space in Chatswood. I was paying 4,000 bucks a month on rent. Do the maths. This is a lot cheaper.”

Porch Design 12 in board and batten with double doors, measures 3.2m x 3.6m

With two teenagers being home-schooled, the backyard office also relieves the pressures of lockdown.

“I come here, and I’m working, and I can go hell for leather without all the domestic interruptions.”

When selling his previous property, Tony says the garden room was a highlight for prospective buyers.

“It was certainly an attraction. The guy who bought it is an architect. But, particularly now, he’s going to be seeing the benefit of it.”

Seeing double: Tony’s home office setup inside his previous Melwood

When asked what he loves most about his backyard office, his answer is straightforward.

“It gives me the ability to work from home professionally rather than sitting in a bedroom.”

“It’s value for money. The quality of the workmanship and installation is excellent.”

“It was a painless process.”

Installed to lock-up stage, ready for paint and fit-out

For anyone considering a Melwood garden room, Tony shares his advice.

“Do it. This isn’t just a facility for Covid. It has its benefits when everybody is working from home.”

“It’s flexible. If you’re using it as a home office, when Covid is gone, you can use it for something else quite easily.”

“I’m speaking as a town planner, this type of place can be used as a retreat, a craft room, somewhere to come away from the house.”

Mission accomplished! Tony looks content in his new backyard office

Pictured sitting in his new home office, it’s fair to say Tony looks content.

“I was so happy because that was taken on Sunday, which was the official opening of the office.”

“I had been slaving away building stairs and painting for weeks.”

“I was so bloody happy it was finished. That’s why I was smiling!”

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