Lisa’s peaceful paradise: more than just a garden room

Nestled within Lisa’s enchanting garden lies a hidden gem. A blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. A Melwood Mod that is as picture-perfect as its stunning surrounds.

Come take a closer look.

The shed upgrade game-changer

What if you could transform a dull old space into stylish storage, an inspiring home office, or a vibrant hangout space for the kids and their friends. What if you could add visual appeal to the backyard and increase property value?
Better still, what if you could achieve all of the above?

Pool room

After years of longing…straight to the pool room

After years of longing, the Tuckers’ dream of adding a Melwood came to life effortlessly when the opportunity finally arrived. The wait was over, and they could finally dive into their pool room! Several years on, the family’s Melwood Mod is a hub of activity.

Simply the best

Less is more. Keeping it simple is key. With challenging access to a particular spot in the backyard, Richard needed a simpler solution to a traditional build. Wanting the security of a reputable, local company, the answer was easy.

Quality & ease without compromise on style

Needing guest accommodation that could double as a home office and relaxation space, Natalie embarked on her search for a quick and cost-effective answer. But there were more boxes to tick. The solution could not compromise on quality, aesthetics and style. This led Natalie to Greenspan’s range of Melwood eSpace garden rooms which fulfilled her wishlist.

Changing lives in changing times 

Jamie’s initial purchase of two Melwoods, one for storage and the other for her Macramé workshop, has evolved. Also a WFH space and a sanctuary during COVID, transitioning into a gaming area and an occasional bedroom in 2023, and is now set to become her home office for a new job.

The gift of space

A custom-made garden room – the ultimate gift from husband, Les – provided a much-needed sanctuary for Teena to do what she loves best.

Sam’s Melwood Kelpie Cave

Sam saw his neighbour’s Melwood and knew it was just what he needed to replace the ugly metal garden sheds he had hidden along the side of his house, and in doing so created the perfect space for Abbey, his beautiful 14 year old kelpie.

Chris’ garden transformation – turning dead space into a home office

Chris’ partner, is a school teacher, so she spends many hours at home during his usual 9-5 work schedule. Although they love each others company, when it comes to work, separate dedicated spaces for zoom meetings and school tutoring is a must.

After a bit of research, Chris found Melwood – The quick and easy way to turn that dead space in the back garden into a thriving home office, filled with natural light and views of their sprawling garden.

Amanda’s coastal home office, a peaceful retreat

Amanda’s Melwood exudes a calm ambience, natural timber colours contrasted by textural accents. With a coastal view, what more could you want from a backyard retreat?

Dianne’s pilates studio, a beautiful backyard retreat

In short, Dianne needed more space, fast
After sifting through countless granny flat & cabin offerings on the market, and even considering extending her house – everything was so hard, so costly and took so long.
Then she found Melwood – The easy, pre-crafted, personalised solution that gave her the space she needed in as little as a few weeks.

Julie’s Melwood, a lovely tribute to her Dad

When Julie’s father, Jim, passed away in 2018, she wanted to create a place where she could feel close to him. Melwood was a natural choice for Julie, as there was an existing Melwood on her property that had been installed in the 90s, it was just a little too small.

Trying to work from home with the TV going in the background?

Adam & Jacqueline were feeling the challenge of working from home whilst still sharing the same space with their teenage boys wanting to watch TV & play games. A familiar experience that many parents have shared over the course of the covid lockdowns, but one that can be overcome with a Melwood!

The Melwood Mod, a space filled with natural light

Brooke personalised her Melwood by adding large glass sidelights & doors across the front, mirroring the rear façade of her home. Opening on to the manicured lawn behind the pool, this Melwood has given Brooke and her family the extra space they need to enjoy their beautiful backyard.

Pool cabana, home office & overflow accommodation all in a Melwood!

It’s been a few years now since Belinda had her Melwood installed in her Western Sydney backyard. With covid more or less behind us, the Melwood has become the centre piece to Belinda’s backyard pool setting, providing a space for the whole family to enjoy!

A space for the whole family to enjoy!

Shane & Tracey have had their Melwood for a few months now and are proving just how much it has enhanced their family lifestyle. With four growing children, they found they needed more adaptive space for their changing needs.

A truffle farm Melwood retreat with the ultimate off-grid view

Anna & Andy first purchased their Melwood’s to help kick start their dream of owning & operating a Truffle Farm. Used initially for storing mowers & farm equipment, it also became the home to many of their baby trees prior to planting.

Remote site office with an expansive Blue Mountains view

Rob purchased his Melwood for his business a few years ago, and proved just how quickly it enhanced his business operations. Used as site office for land development & subdivision in the Mountains, the addition of his eSpace 2300, was a quick & effective way to add the space he needed for working remotely onsite & meeting clients.

Chanop’s Home Office come Music Practice Room & Cinema.

Chanop’s Inner West backyard was transformed when he added a Melwood eSpace. Used as a home office by day & music practice come TV room after hours, Chanop’s Melwood has added valuable space for the whole family to enjoy!

The Melwood Mod – an art studio of your dreams

Filled with natural light, in the solitude of her own backyard, Nicola’s Melwood Mod is the perfect space for her to create her Artworks for upcoming exhibitions. Nicola has had her Melwood for over 4 years now, and really appreciates just how much it has transformed her lifestyle.

A Melwood home office overlooking the pool!

Connected seamlessly to an alfresco dining area, whilst overlooking perfectly manicured lawns & a sparkling pool, Glen’s Melwood Home Office come Pool Cabana is the ultimate space to work from home.

‘The Little Black Lake House’ – an off-grid Melwood

With a backdrop of Rolling Hills, and a sparkling Lake hugging the rural landscape, this Melwood has to be one of our favourite off-grid retreats. Just imagine drinking a glass of wine, whilst you watch the sun set over the lake through the large panoramic windows and the wood fire crackling in the background – what more could you want from this beautiful off-grid Melwood Retreat.

A Melwood Creative Space & Home Office in One

A dream backyard that started with two Melwood’s – A few Years on with more established gardens & a pool to die for, Jamie share how he two Melwood’s have added value to her life & her property! Jamie purchased her two Melwood’s a few years ago and is proving just how versatile they can… Click here to read on

An office by day & recreational space by night

Paul Says “The Cabana is used as an office, and the commercial rent I was paying for a Sydney office in a year, covered the cost of the Cabana (which of course has many years life ahead of it, as a workplace)”

Transforming a tiny backyard into a breakout retreat

“The reason we chose Melwood was that we were looking to add a prefab studio to our backyard,…We did a lot of search & found a few prefab companies but Melwood stood out by location, versatile design & price. 

The Melwood beauty room – a significant return on investment

Adding more space to your backyard is easy with Melwood & it increases the value of your property. Kerry-Anne purchased a Verandah/Porch 20 Hybrid design for her central coast property a few years ago.

Home office come triathlon training room

When it comes to versatility, a Melwood more than fits the bill. Dave & Mel have had their Melwood Porch 18 for nearly a year now, and are proving just how versatile it is for their Family.

A gorgeous self-sustainable studio retreat

An off-grid self sustainable Melwood Studio in the Hunter region of NSW. With the cost of living increasing by the month, what better way to secure your retirement than investing in a self-sustainable weekender!

A Hamptons pool cabana retreat with its own private entrance!

A hidden gem with its own private entrance – Fancy a weekend away with a short walk to the beach & a bathtub overlooking the pool? 

Introducing James & Jack’s Melwood Pool Cabana Retreat – the perfect weekender destination!

Tropical paradise at home on the Northern Beaches

The cabana project that turns a backyard into a tropical oasis! Previously, we covered France’s journey in adding a Tropical Pool Cabana to her property in Avalon, on the North Beaches of NSW. This Melwood Mod Cabana No. 23  was ‘gifted’ to France’s daughter as her own private space during the off-season. The cabana was… Click here to read on

A home gym, pool cabana and multi-purpose space

In a quiet leafy suburb of northern Sydney, Dasantha and his family are enjoying their Melwood garden room – a home gym and multipurpose backyard space. Their Melwood Mod 18 measuring 5.4×3.2m features board and batten cladding painted in dark grey, a Colorbond® roof in “Monument” and black window architraves, offering a clean and contemporary… Click here to read on

Pool house designs | Melwood Cabanas

Modern pool house designs; a family backyard cabana

Here at Greenspan, we’re always amazed at our customers’ creativity, especially when it comes to contemporary pool house designs. For Denis on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, even the family fur baby enjoys the backyard cabana. A pool house, home gym, outdoor living room and general space for the whole family – Denis is thrilled… Click here to read on

Best home office setup | Melwood outdoor living room

Is Ray’s outdoor living room the best home office setup?  

Ray loves his Melwood outdoor living room, which serves as a home office, home theatre and multifunctional family oasis. Is it the best home office setup? Ray seems to think so.    “My friends were very impressed and there was tonnes of praise. The design and installing process were great – the installer was one… Click here to read on

Wood Sheds | Melwood Wooden Sheds

Christine’s timber shed: “Our Melwood has changed our life!”

Customisable, made to match and durable in all kinds of weather, the widely popular Melwood Mod Design timber shed proves to be a winner when it comes to adding backyard space on narrow lots.   At least, according to Christine from Sydney’s inner west in NSW. “Our Melwood cabana has changed our life! We live… Click here to read on

Robert & Jane’s wooden garden sheds | Melwood Cabanas

Robert and Jane’s Melwood coastal cabins at Mackerel Beach

Two Melwood timber cabins were transported by boat to Mackerel Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches where they were built to last for generations to come.   Two Melwood cabins were transported by boat to Mackerel Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Transported by barge from Palm Beach Wharf to a secluded sub-tropical rainforest on Great Mackerel… Click here to read on

Pool house designs | Melwood Pool Houses

WATCH VIDEO: Glenn’s pool house garden room time lapse

The versatility and flexibility of a Melwood pool house never ceases to impress, particularly for our customers within city regions where houses are packed into smaller blocks and access can be tricky. This pool house garden room is a perfect example of how easily a Melwood can be transported to and built onsite, adding much-needed… Click here to read on

How Jessica added space and phenomenal value to her property

  “We had a valuation more recently by a Real Estate Agent, and he said it added about $100,000.” Since having her Melwood installed, Jessica and her family now enjoy more space and a significant boost to their property value. “We definitely know we got our money back and more. From a resale point of… Click here to read on

Barry’s tropical garden oasis with Polynesian vibes

  A tree change is a pipe dream for many city-dwellers and likewise, downsizing from acreage to start a new life in the suburbs is becoming common for some. When it was time to relocate from a five acre property in the country to a growing town in northern NSW, Barry purchased his home and… Click here to read on

Home hairdressing salon | Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms

“My cabana was a great addition” – Lisa’s home hair salon

  Lisa purchased a Melwood for her home in northern NSW, which served as a home hairdressing salon for clients. “My cabana was a great addition – a safe and peaceful space to work from home. My clients loved it too!” Installed on a stylish renovated beach house, Lisa’s home became a coastal retreat for… Click here to read on

prefab backyard office shed showcase in the yard

A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Your Property Value

Data reveals that many of us are spending more time at home, sparking a boom in home improvement and renovations. In fact, Australians have invested more money on home renovations during the pandemic years than at any other time since records began 50 years ago¹. According to Suncorp lending data, Victorians were the biggest spenders,… Click here to read on

Home Art Studio | Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms

Nicola’s home art studio for creating and selling Australian art

While it’s common to contend for sufficient space to work from home, what about spaces that enable the creative process, such as a home art studio? For Sydney based artist Nicola, having her own private space to think, reflect and create was vital, which is why she invested in a Melwood to use as an… Click here to read on

Melwoods large garden rooms

How to create a backyard home office space

Working from home. Sounds great, right?  Until you’re on an important call and the vacuum starts up. Or you need to pack up your laptop, screen, keyboard and stationary because another household member needs to use the dining table. Surely, there has to be more a more productive way to work from home! With more… Click here to read on

Wooden Cabins | Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms

Two wooden cabins in a tranquil country retreat

    When Bill took delivery of two portable wooden cabins in the Southern Highlands, he had great plans in mind for a spiritual retreat centre where many gather to refresh and reflect.     Armed with a fresh vision for expansion, Bill acquired two Melwood Verandah Designs and converted them into self-contained portable villas… Click here to read on

Amanda’s coastal office, a peaceful place for clients and guests

  This all-white garden room is a striking backyard feature. It’s also Amanda’s work from home studio. “It’s been very beneficial for us.” “It’s lovely to have a separate space for the clients I have.” Since 2020, the number of Australians working from home has almost doubled in 2022, making a home office essential rather… Click here to read on

Sonia’s teen retreat – a fun family project

  Check out Sonia’s multi-purpose garden room that serves as a DJ station for birthday parties, a special off-the-grid weekender for the family, as well as a teenage retreat. “For us, it’s an extra room – especially for my teenage kids. An open, fun and private space for them to sit and chat with their… Click here to read on

Keith and Rowena’s Lakeside Cabana Project

  “It’s been the most pain-free building experience we’ve ever had, and we’ve done a lot of building and renovations in our lifetimes.” Part fishing shack. Part art studio. This lakeside garden room is nothing short of idyllic. “We didn’t know we had fish in our dam. Keith caught some fish, which was a surprise… Click here to read on

Step Inside Joanne’s Stylish Backyard Writing Studio

“I’m absolutely thrilled with it.” “That walk across the garden is amazing, a psychological distance you cross as if you’re going to work.” To create her ideal work from home office, Joanne chose the Melwood Mod 19. “It came at a perfect time, and I’m in here every day.” Joanne says the outdoor room has… Click here to read on

Tony’s Home Office, an Essential Backyard Sanctuary

With almost twice as many Australians working from home in 2022 compared to 2020, the home office is now an essential space in all households nationwide. The challenge, however, for many individuals, couples and families is space – or lack thereof. Setting up a dedicated working area that’s quiet and free from distractions can be… Click here to read on

Poolside Melwood home cabanas

A Summery Pool Cabana on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Here’s a DIY project that takes ‘tropical vibes’ to a whole new level. With spring just around the corner, now’s the time to get your backyard inspo on ahead of summer.   In the Northern Beaches of Sydney set against a backdrop of palm trees, our customer, France wanted an extension to their home that… Click here to read on

Teenage Retreat and Private Space for Growing Kids

As teenagers mature into young adults, they desire greater independence and the discovery of their unique identity. This can be sad or worrying for many parents as their children become more distant. While it may be difficult to take a step back, giving them their own space can help them mature. When your child understands… Click here to read on

How Backyard Cabins Increase Your Property Value

With the rise in the cost of living, construction prices and house prices, backyard cabins are becoming an increasingly popular solution. They can transform your backyard by adding an extra room or two, without the expense and challenges of building an extension to your home – nor do you need to buy a new home… Click here to read on

Street view of one of Melwood's backyard cabins

Julie’s Multi-Purpose Backyard Cabin

Creating customised backyard cabins is what we do here at Melwood. One of our recent clients, Julie, originally wanted her own space for educational purposes, yet once she began the process she realised that she could do much more with her cabin!  “Initially, I wanted to build a studio to have a space for Engish… Click here to read on

Lachlan’s Backyard Office and Relaxation Room

  Lachlan’s motivation to add a garden room to his property was simple. “I realised I enjoyed the working from home lifestyle, so I changed jobs to allow me to work from home.” But, there was one problem. “I found that our 3-bedroom home wasn’t quite big enough for me to do that full-time.” So… Click here to read on

Malcolm’s Stylish Hobby Room

  After recently selling his home, Malcolm says his garden room added exceptional value. “Having sold my property in a week, there was no doubt that a major selling point was that I had a studio where other similar properties did not.” The extra space away from the main dwelling was a highlight for prospective… Click here to read on

Laura’s Versatile Backyard Studio

  “I love it. It has been amazing. It’s my space.” “It’s my little sanctuary.” Here in this backyard sanctuary, Laura enjoys her dedicated creative space away from all distractions. “I’m an artist, so we needed a studio for me.” “Also, because we have a small garden, we needed something that was going to fit.”… Click here to read on

Laura’s Heritage Style Garden Room

  “It’s my excuse to escape from the kids.” “You will find me in the shed every weekend.” Laura knew what she wanted in a garden room, and Melwood ticked all the boxes. “We didn’t have a garage. We wanted something pretty and functional with an easy installation.” Laura recalls bringing her vision to life… Click here to read on

Ian’s Hamptons Style Teen Retreat

  “They love it.” “You can’t get them out of it.” “It keeps them away from the house.” When Ian’s home suddenly became a full house again, he found a solution. “My daughter and her three teenage kids were returning home after a divorce.” To give his family more space, Ian added a teen retreat… Click here to read on

pool changing room cabana

This Pool Cabana is a Family’s Happy Space

  In and around this pool cabana, a family of four creates special memories. “Our garden wouldn’t be the same without it.” “We’ve had plenty of pool parties, so it gets good use during get-togethers.” Berni says it’s proving to be a valuable and versatile space for her family’s changing needs. “Initially, it was a… Click here to read on

Lesley’s Peaceful Art Studio

  “It’s fabulous. I love it.” “It’s a place to be creative.” Most of all, it’s a sanctuary, away from all distractions. “It’s away from the house. No one can phone me. I’m away from the internet.” Lesley chose a Porch 20 with a cedar upgrade. She added double doors, sidelights, and colonial-style doors. “I’m… Click here to read on

Anastasia’s Stylish Poolside Garden Room

  “We love it. We’re so happy with it.” “Everyone in our family uses it in their special way.” Anastasia was considering an extension on her home before finding an economical solution. “Instead of putting on a second level, I decided it would be a cost-effective way of getting extra space.” She and her husband… Click here to read on

Carol’s Backyard Gym and Hobby Room

  “It’s perfect. It’s exactly how I wanted it.” “You don’t have to settle. You get precisely what you want, and with Melwood, you get that choice.” Carol chose a Verandah 15 with a cedar upgrade for her backyard gym and hobby room. “It’s a good investment. It will improve my property. It’s extra room,… Click here to read on

Natasha’s Creative Studio, a Backyard Sanctuary

  Last year Natasha and her husband were at a crossroads. They were faced with two options – extending their home or adding an outdoor structure. They chose the latter and have never looked back. “It’s a cost-effective way of extending the use of the property without redevelopment.” It was the need for a creative… Click here to read on

Two Garden Rooms and a Truffle Farm Tree Change

  “It’s been a massive tree change.” It was a love of truffles that set Anna and Andy on a new path. “I said to Andy, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if one day we went overseas and I could work with an old truffle hunter in Italy?’” “Andy said, ‘why don’t we start our own… Click here to read on

A Backyard Hobby Room, a Husband’s Gift to His Wife

  “It makes me relaxed. It makes me feel fulfilled. It gives me a purpose to get up and get going.” “It’s saved me during lockdown because I felt like I had something to do and somewhere to go.” For Teena, pursuing her hobbies has been vital. “It’s been a saviour. It’s helped me with… Click here to read on

Newton’s Backyard Office, Gym, and Movie Room

  It’s the ultimate escape in the backyard! “I’ve got a spin bike, a treadmill on one end, and I’ve got my office in the middle.” “It gives me peace and quiet away from the kids during work hours.” Step inside, and the garden room is home to some of Newton’s favourite things. “I have… Click here to read on

Inside Charlotte’s Studio, a Backyard Sanctuary

“It’s beautiful. I love it.” “The minute the structure was in, I was in there.” Charlotte could barely wait to use her newly installed garden room. “I remember the walls hadn’t been done yet, and I wanted to be in there.” “It just spoke to how amazing it was having that separate space.” As a… Click here to read on

Belinda’s Lockdown Garden Room Project

  “It has definitely been a positive addition to our home.” “It was an affordable way to add extra space.” For Belinda and her family, the garden room has come at a perfect time. “Our Melwood has kept us busy during lockdown. We have been painting and doing all the fitting out ourselves.” “We plan… Click here to read on

Katrina’s Home Office and Teen Retreat Proves Valuable in Lockdown

  “It’s changed the whole way we live.” Last year, Katrina found a cost-effective way to give her family more space. “We were looking for a bit more space in our house, and extending outwards on our house was going to be too expensive.” “We found that a garden room would fill our needs, so… Click here to read on

Claire’s Backyard Office, a Peaceful Lockdown Retreat

  Once a pool cabana, now a home office. This garden room has evolved to meet a family’s changing needs. When lockdown set in, Claire’s husband Ralph turned the garden room into a backyard office.  “If we didn’t have that, and he had to be in our living space, that would be very hard for… Click here to read on

Jamies Melwood Macrame Workshop

Essential Work from Home Solution to Make Your Family Happy

  “I army crawled in there.” “He was always on Zoom meetings.” Dodging daily video calls was not a game Jamie enjoyed playing. “I’d have to duck and try and get past the camera view to get what I had to get.” “It’s not a way to live. I couldn’t get dressed in there. He… Click here to read on

prefab backyard office shed showcase in the yard

Essential Stay-at-Home Studios, a Solution to Lockdown Stress

  As we find ourselves in lockdown once again, many families are feeling the strain.   With the rise of spending more time at home, so comes the demand for more space.   For these Melwood customers, timing was everything. Their garden rooms have given them space to break away from the family unit while… Click here to read on

Two Siblings, Two Playrooms, a Grandma’s Huge Gift

  When Marie bought a Melwood cubby house for each of her granddaughters, it wasn’t just a gift but also a life lesson she was hoping to impart. Kristie, the mother of the two girls, recounts being at the Neutral Bay display centre with her mum. “She said one of them would be great, and… Click here to read on

This Beautiful Garden Room Uplifted a Family in Hard Times

“It’s been a tough six months, but we felt so blessed to have this addition. It couldn’t have come at a better time.” Last year, at the height of the pandemic, Annabel was also going through a health battle. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” “During all the chemo and radiation process, it was really… Click here to read on

Award-winning Artist Takes Us Inside Her Backyard Studio

Award winning Sydney based artist, Kathrin takes us through her Melwood Art Studio, home to her famous portrait of Kate Ceberano, and many more awe inspiring pieces. Kathrin chose the Melwood Mod design, a favourite for art studios. The fixed highlight windows at the top of the front wall provide an ideal light filled space… Click here to read on

Inside Julie’s Beautiful Cabana, a Heartfelt Tribute to Her Dad

  It’s a heart-warming story of two Melwood cabanas. One old. One new. And it’s where a daughter found inspiration to honour the memory of her late father. “Dad used to love to come down here, have a drink, and watch the kids in the water.” When Julie’s father, Jim, passed away in 2018, she… Click here to read on

Secrets to Make Your Backyard a Warm and Happy Place

  “Immense value of immense happiness.” That’s the worth Gitte places on her garden room. The South Sydney resident had her Melwood installed in 2017. Back then, the motive was simple; to dampen out the sound of her husband playing the guitar. “It’s just his hobby. It hasn’t always sounded as good as it does… Click here to read on

Boost Productivity with an Outdoor Studio

  With Covid restrictions still in place, our backyards have become sanctuaries and retreats. Making the most of your outdoor space is now one of the most valuable home improvement projects you could undertake. When Bob and Merinda needed a dedicated creative hub, they had a Melwood installed.     “We needed a space that… Click here to read on

A Multi-Purpose Space for a Growing Family

  As Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, the need for more room and multi-functional spaces is in higher demand than ever before. “This is only a 600 square metre block, so it’s a small block when you think that we have a front yard, the house, and the pool.” Long before the pandemic, France,… Click here to read on

A Work From Home Studio Built to Last

As working from home becomes the new norm, the trend is here to stay.  According to McCrindle Research, the future of work is likely to be hybrid, with 61 percent of Australians looking for a mix of working from home and in the office.  Melwood customers Heather and Patricia were well ahead of the curve.… Click here to read on

All-white inspiration for a summery garden room

When you want to make a statement in your backyard, a crisp, white garden room is a sure winner. We’ve seen it used in all of our designs, from modern to traditional, and gathered up our favourite photos to inspire you. Scroll down to take a look at some of our favourite all-white Melwood garden… Click here to read on

Modern Black Pool Cabana

How to Plan a Pool Cabana for Your Backyard

If there’s one backyard upgrade Aussies love, it’s a swimming pool!   A lot of pool owners face a common problem though: no poolside shade to relax in and dry off after a swim. The solution? Pool Cabanas.   These popular structures are easy to install, and the best way to make sure you get… Click here to read on

Melwood Workshop 3254 in Mosman, NSW A dedicated studio in your backyard will help achieve work/life balance, and also improve your property value!

NEW Weatherboard Cladding now available

  We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got a new pre-primed weatherboard option available for your Melwood Garden Room. This smooth, sleek weatherboard is a great alternative to Cedar and has a range of benefits, which we’ve outlined below.   Save time As these weatherboards are pre-primed, & ready to paint, you’ll be able to… Click here to read on

Melwood Backyard bar featuring counter

Rethinking the Garden Shed: How to Create a Backyard Bar

Imagine enjoying: 👉 Footy Finals  👉 Cocktail Competitions, and 👉 The best mojito you’ll ever try Right in your own backyard!   It’s time to transform the humble garden shed into an epic backyard bar so you can enjoy happy hour at home. No curfews, no driving, no worries.  We know you want to learn how it’s done,… Click here to read on

Pool Cabana beside Pool

6 Reasons a Pool Cabana is the best way to Create Poolside Shade

    A lot of homeowners realise (after putting in a pool) that they don’t have any shaded area poolside!   We all know the feeling of hot bricks or tiles under the Aussie summer sun. It’s definitely not somewhere you want to lie down!   It’s important to create a cool, shaded area where… Click here to read on

5 New Ways You Can Use a Garden Room This Summer

Summer’s nearly here and we’re all looking forward to spending more time outdoors with family & friends. This Summer, Aussies are investing in their own outdoors: garden rooms, entertainment areas and backyard pools; to create the Resort Feel at Home. We take a look at 5 unique & inspiring ways you can use the humble… Click here to read on

Poolside Melwood home cabanas

Top 5  Melwood Pool Cabanas (and how to create your own)

  The weather’s warming up & holidays are on their way; which means it’s time for some Pool Cabana Inspiration. “The best thing about Pool Cabanas? They create space the whole family can use, year-round.” We’re sharing our Top 5  Melwood Pool Cabanas of all time, PLUS all the details to help you create your… Click here to read on

Lucy’s 2-in-1 Garden Room: Storage & Playroom

Lucy recently sent us this beautiful photo of her Melwood cabana – and doesn’t it look fantastic! “We built our Melwood cabana 5 years ago and we recently added an awning n lights. We are attaching a photo- it looks amazing!– Lucy and Christos”     Multi-purpose Space: The cabana is split into 2 –… Click here to read on

Case Study: Fred’s Outdoor Media Room

  Creating a multi-functional space is now one of the most valuable home improvements you can do, as we all find ourselves spending time at home. Fred & Deborah did exactly this when they created their Outdoor Media Room with a Mod No.12. We didn’t anticipate COVID-19 but having had the cabana and the technology… Click here to read on

A Visual Guide to Your Garden Room Options

When selecting the options for your new Garden Room, it can be difficult to know which one to choose, or how they’re going to look in person.  To help you with this, we’ve created a visual guide to your Garden Room options. Scroll down to see exactly what our different cladding types, windows, doors and… Click here to read on

Meet 396Bells: A sleek & stylish site office

If you’re familiar with the blue mountains area, you’ll recognise this sleek site office. 396Bells is a land release on Bells Line of Road, and they have used a Melwood Espace as their site office. This meant they could get their office up and running in just a few weeks – a quick, easy &… Click here to read on

Editors Pick: Our Top 5 Mod Garden Rooms (and the story behind each one)

Looking for some inspiration for a modern backyard re-do? We’ve hand-picked our Top 5 Mod Garden Rooms of all time to give you a little inspiration. Scroll down to see the famous five, and read the story behind each one.   1. Claire’s Black Pool Cabana (Mod No.18) By adding a Mod No.18 and a… Click here to read on

5 Backyard Home Offices to Inspire Your Own

Thinking of setting up an office in the backyard?  A backyard office gives you a clear, defined place to get work done. Unlike working inside the home, where you’re at the beck and call of everything vying for your attention, the backyard office brings you greater calm and focus while promoting productivity and creativity. What’s… Click here to read on

Maximise Living Space with an Outdoor Laundry

Now that more of us are spending time at home, space has become a luxury. That dining table that you used to fold laundry on? For most of us, that’s now become a homework / study / work-from-home desk! The solution? An outdoor laundry. Outdoor laundries are rising in popularity as people want a spacious laundry… Click here to read on

Planning a Garden Room? You’ll need these 5 Top Tips

  Planning your dream garden room? Not sure where to start? We’re here to help you with our Top 5 Tips for planning your garden room.    1. Positioning on your property Garden rooms can be positioned almost anywhere on your property; ideally somewhere flat and dry. Most people prefer their garden room to be in… Click here to read on

Joys Garden Studio

Joy’s Home Office/Garden Studio

There are a few things that most property buyers look for in a home; kerb appeal, backyard, nearby parks & shops and of course space. In today’s changing world, more space; particularly private, quiet space where you can work or relax is becoming a major aspect that buyers look for.  “We’ve just sold our house… Click here to read on

Melwoods large garden rooms

You won’t believe how little a space is needed for a garden office

A Home Office in the backyard is sounding more and more appealing to all of us who have had to work from home. However, it can be hard to work out what size garden room you need, or how much will fit inside. To help you picture this, we’ve curated a few of our favourite… Click here to read on

matt's family-friendly cabana

Need more space? Read this before you move house

  “This is the best decision we’ve made in ten years and it now means we’re no longer looking to move house.” With a full house and even fuller schedule, Matt’s family were desperate for more space.   “There are six of us —  two adults and four kids between 10-19 years plus a beloved… Click here to read on

Penny's Interior Design Studio

Penny’s Interior Decorating Studio (in the backyard!)

  With the ever-changing retail landscape in Australia, more and more business owners are moving away from rented premises and setting up at home & online. Penny recently made this move. After years of paying rent for a retail space, Penny decided to move her Interior Decorating business to a Melwood studio in her backyard,… Click here to read on

5 ways a garden room can benefit your business

Whether it’s an office, storage space, a workroom/studio or a private space for meeting clients, there are endless ways that a garden room can benefit your business. And – with the Australian Government’s Instant Asset Incentive; your new garden room could also reduce your tax bill! Assets (up to the value of $150k) purchased for… Click here to read on

annabel's mod 20 inside

Annabel’s Multipurpose Garden Room

More space – more valuable now than ever before “In these unprecedented times where all of us are now working or studying from home, we are feeling so lucky to have a Mod 20 cabana. Home office, painting studio and teenager retreat, it has been a blessing.” – Annabel Now, more than ever, Aussie families… Click here to read on