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An office by day & recreational space by night

An office by day & recreational space by night

Paul purchased his Mod 15 a couple of years ago and is proving just how much a Melwood has enhanced his professional and personal lifestyle.

The Cabana is used as an office, and the commercial rent I was paying for a Sydney office in a year, covered the cost of the Cabana (which of course has many years life ahead of it, as a workplace)

Paul’s Mod 15 measures 5.4m x 2.6m, featuring Cedar weatherboard cladding, “Black” aluminium windows/doors and Colorbond™️ roofing in “Nightsky”.

“…the designer was very helpful, especially when second thoughts were put to him. Nothing was an issue.”

Paul also enjoys the recreational benefits of his Melwood – when watching TV and playing music in the evenings, he really appreciates the great soundproofing it has to offer.

“I live in a relatively small house, and the Cabana provides a soundproof room for not only viewing programmes, but also playing music. The soundproofing is excellent.”

“… it unquestionably has added value to the property. And the main reason for that is the quality of the structure…”

Not only has Paul’s Melwood enhanced his lifestyle, but he believes it has added significant value to his property.

“really can’t fault the Melwood “experience”….”

Ready to enhance your family lifestyle?

A custom-made sustainable Melwood is the perfect starting point for creating more space for your family.

Adding a Melwood to your property is quicker & easier than most people realise.

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