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Dianne’s pilates studio, a beautiful backyard retreat

Dianne’s pilates studio, a beautiful backyard retreat

Come along with us, as we discover Dianne’s life-enhancing Melwood journey.

In short, Dianne needed more space, fast.

After sifting through countless granny flat & cabin offerings on the market, and even considering extending her house – everything was too hard, too costly, and took too long.

Then she found Melwood – The easy, pre-crafted, personalised solution that gave her the space she needed in as little as a few weeks.

Finally, a space of her own…free from the hustle and bustle of the main house, a place to relax, decompress and reclaim her sanity.

“I decided on a Melwood after much research and comparison with other cabin manufacturers, Melwood was by far the best in terms of overall investment and ease of installation.”

Set at the base of her garden, just beside the pool, Dianne has created a beautiful dedicated space, the perfect spot for her pilates routines or an easy read in the warm winter sun.

Styled with a neutral colour palette, a panelled feature wall and a comfy leather couch, the space exudes a relaxing warm ambience making for a perfect retreat.

“The versatility means that we all get to enjoy a serene and private space… it’s also added value to our home.”

Dianne chose the Melwood Mod design No. 18, measuring 5.4m x 3.2m. She personalised her space with large panoramic windows, and timber glass doors on two facades which allow the warm winter sun to fill the space throughout the day.

Dianne shares her experience of the personalising her Melwood space with one of our friendly design solutioneers.

Franky was amazing, he even came out to site to map out exactly where the cabin would be located to ensure we could visualize the space and also ensure we had enough room for ingress and egress.

We love the way she has contrasted the white cladding, windows & roofing against the natural timber doors & decking.

“Initially it was a fun project, (and I love home improvements), but now that it’s complete it’s my pilates cabin which is a beautiful space for me to de-stress and decompress.”

Her son is ready to share the space, an ideal spot in summer to hang out with his mates by the pool and play video games without disturbing the main household.

My son is excited about having a space just for him to hang out with his mates in the summer by the pool, the versatility means that we all get to enjoy a serene and private space.

The perfect lounging area by the pool, we love the way Dianne has finished off her interior styling. A truly calming atmosphere embraces you as soon as you enter her beautiful space.

“It’s a multi-purpose room that will adapt with our family needs…I use it for Pilates, Yoga, and reading a book in the sun...An added bonus is that it’s also added value to our home

We are so glad to have been a part of Dianne’s life-enhancing journey. Not only has it provided her a relaxing space to retreat to, but it will grow with her family’s needs, whilst still adding value to her property at the same time.

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